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Bride & Groom

Date & Location


Eileen and Jesmer

July 23rd 2017


Ceremony - Turf Valley Resorts

Reception - Turf Valley Resorts


Yashira and Jospreet

July 16th 2017


Ceremony - Anchor Inn

Reception - Anchor Inn


Lauren and Matt

November 5th 2016


Ceremony - Hunt Valley Church

Reception - Embassy Suites Hunt Valley


Kelly and Matt

October 28th 2016


Ceremony - Anchor Inn

Reception - Anchor Inn


Brittany and Brad

October 22nd 2016


Ceremony - The Cloisters

Reception - The Cloisters




Chrissy and Bob

August 14th 2016


Ceremony - Anchor Inn

Reception - Anchor Inn


Kristin and Justin

July 16th 2016


Ceremony - Legacy Hall - Sykesville Fire Department

Reception - Legacy Hall - Sykesville Fire Department


Kelli and Michael

March 31st 2016


Ceremony - Rockwood Manor

Reception - Rockwood Manor


Kamille and Seth

November 15th 2015


Ceremony - The Villa

Reception - The Villa



Shannon and Chris

November 14th 2015


Ceremony - Great Room Savage Mill

Reception - Great Room Savage Mill


Valerie and Justin

October 31st 2015


Ceremony - Ceresville Mansion

Reception - Ceresville Mansion


Jamie and Aaron


October 9th 2015


Ceremony - Baltimore Museum of Industry

Reception - Baltimore Museum of Industry



Jodie and Roger


June 7th 2015


Ceremony - Celebrations at the Bay

Reception - Celebrations at the Bay


Kristin and Matt

June 6th 2015


Ceremony - Anchor Inn

Reception - Anchor Inn


Jennifer and Andy

May 9th 2015


Ceremony - Baltimore National Aquarium

Reception - Baltimore National Aquarium


Elizabeth and Kaine

October 25th 2014


Ceremony - Celebrations at the Bay

Reception - Celebrations at the Bay


Lindsay and Patrick

August 23rd 2014


Ceremony - Piedmont Golf Club

Reception - Piedmont Golf Club



Holly and Tony

August 2nd 2014


Ceremony - Columbia Sheraton Hotel

Reception - Columbia Sheraton Hotel



Caitlin and Jim

June 28th 2014


Ceremony - St John's Episcopal Church

Reception - Orthodox Church of St Matthew



Katie and Ryan

June 7th 2014


Ceremony - Sacred Heart Church

Reception - Swan Point Yacht and Country Club


Lauren and Scott

May 4th 2014


Ceremony - Celebrations at the Bay

Reception - Celebrations at the Bay


Brittany and Louis

June 23rd 2013


Ceremony - Anchor Inn

Reception - Anchor Inn


Becky and Greg

October 6th 2012


Ceremony - Saint Paul's Catholic Church

Cocktail - Black Eyed Susan

Reception - National Aquarium


Skyelar and Michael

August 11th 2012


Ceremony - Saint Martin's Lutheran Church

Reception - Village Community Center


Kali and Brandon

May 27th - 2012


Ceremony - The Cloisters

Reception - The Cloisters


Sara and Travis

May 19th 2012


Ceremony - Saint John's Lutheran Church

Reception - Officer's Club Naval Academy


Becky and George

April 28th 2012


Ceremony - Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church

Reception - Saint George Greek Orthodox Church


Jessica and Andriy

November 20th 2010


Ceremony - Ukranian Catholic Shrine of The Holy Family

Reception - Saint Francis Hall




Rob is an award-winning photographer with
nearly two decades of professional experience. Although he specializes in wedding photography he has experience in sports, architectural, nature,
and fine art photography as well. His pictures
have appeared in national magazines and major newspapers such as the Washington Post, and been exhibited in prestigious art galleries from Washington DC to Beverly Hills, CA. He recently had the tremendous honor of having five of his photographs accepted into the permanent
collection of the Smithsonian National Museum
of American History.

Rob continually strives to perfect his craft with constant hard work and study. He frequently
attends seminars with some of the finest photographers in the world. He uses only professional caliber digital cameras and carries backup equipment for everything needed for the

Rob's a proud member in good standing with the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA).
This organization promotes the highest
standards in wedding photography and
represents professional photographers skilled in
the documentation of weddings and events in a
candid, unobtrusive style. The WPJA was
founded to uphold excellence in the area of
wedding photojournalism.

Rob lives in Southern Maryland and is available
for assignments throughout Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, and the Eastern Shore.





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